3d acceleration

  1. icodeforyou

    No 3D accelerated graphics in Xorg after suspend/resume on Lenovo Ideapad 520S

    Hey everyone! I have a strange problem with suspend/resume. It SOMETIMES happens that I loose 3D acceleration in XOrg when I suspend via acpiconf -s 3 and resume again. In this case picom crashes, so does alacritty and any attempt to run glxgears will make it crash again. If, while being in...
  2. B

    jails Info about Jails + Xorg + 3D accel

    Hi, I am an intermediate FreeBSD ( mostly server-side ) and Docker user. I am trying to migrate more of my stuff from Linux to FreeBSD. But I need a functionality of Docker that I don't know if it exists in FreeBSD jails. First, I have read about jails a fair bit and I have found infos about...