1. BaronBS

    Solved How to check if xy.z-Stable needs update?

    So, last week I moved from 13.2-Release-p1 to 13.2-Stable following the Handbook during the process. Everything went easily and smooth. I just have one question. The handbook explain about the N-number and how to check it locally. Is there a way to check if my /usr/src needs update without...
  2. Deckard

    Issue with Plasma5 | Xorg or Wayland | Thinkpad T450

    Hello folks, I’m back on the forum and in the freebsd community, it’s been a while. I sold my Xiaomi for a thinkpad (I stop telling my life). Sorry if the answer is somewhere, I’m seeking through the forum since yesterday, same for stackoverflow, didn’t find the answer… I set up FreeBSD 13...
  3. Cath O'Deray

    Solved Linux 5.5.19 DRM or greater i.e. graphics/drm-devel-kmod on FreeBSD 13⋯

    Please: has anyone attempted to build a modified graphics/drm-devel-kmod on any build of FreeBSD 13? Most recently, <https://cgit.freebsd.org/ports/diff/graphics/drm-devel-kmod/Makefile?id=0e09699300d49bbd304b5be47462ef3b615202c3> bumped the minimum OSVERSION to 1400024. The local copy of...