1. brokentoaster

    No Keyboard on System76 lemur Pro with 12.1 (11.4 Ok)

    Hi All, I'm trying to bring up FreeBSD 12 on my new Lemur Pro laptop, but the keyboard is not working beyond the boot menu with 12.1. * The keyboard works fine with 11.4-RELEASE. * I believe it is internally wired as a PS/2 keyboard. * A USB keyboard works fine when connected. * I 'm...
  2. G

    12.1 lklfuse cannot allocate memory

    Hi all, Today after many many years of not using FreeBSD (used Linux everywhere) I installed FreeBSD on my desktop again. Trying to grab my data (1.8TB) from Linux XFS partitioned drive and moving it to a 2TB freebsd-ufs drive. During cp or rsync I am getting "Cannot allocate memory" during...