How to install wireless driver

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How to install wireless driver

Postby chen8002004 » 07 Aug 2009, 03:50

Hi, all:

I am new in driver installation. Can anyone tell me the detailed steps to install a wireless driver?

I want to install iwn driver on FreeBSD 7.2. I download the driver from
However, I don't know how to compile the driver. I find two directories under the packet: "share" and "sys". Where should I extract the packet to, "/usr/src/sys"? Should I recompile the kernel? Or use "configure", "make", "make "install"?

After I add "device iwn" to kernel configuration file and compile the kernel, error: device "iwn" is unknown.

Thank you.
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Postby lyuts » 07 Aug 2009, 07:05

I think this package should have either README or INSTALL files inside it.
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Postby aragon » 07 Aug 2009, 14:48

Don't bother with that patch. It doesn't work. Rather upgrade to FreeBSD 8.0. iwn works wonderfully on 8.0.
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Postby f-andrey » 08 Aug 2009, 07:47

Maybe load as module, and need load firmware.
man page of CURRENT
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Postby chen8002004 » 09 Aug 2009, 08:25

Problem solved. But face a new problem. create another thread
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