HOWTO: Install printer/scaner HP Deskjet F2480

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HOWTO: Install printer/scaner HP Deskjet F2480

Postby Yampress » 14 Apr 2013, 10:45

Installing the printer/scanner on FreeBSD has always been a complicated thing because need to set permissions for users for these devices.

Today I write about the installation of the HP Deskjet F2480 (USB printer and scanner in one). An attempt made on FreeBSD 8.4-RC1 (so almost like a 8.4-release) but I've also worked a description of FreeBSD 9-STABLE.


I assume that you have the ports tree installed in the system ([CMD=" "]portsnap fetch extract[/CMD])

At the beginning of the package installs support for printing and scanning and a package for HP printers.[Cmd=#]pkg_add-r cups hplip xsane[/cmd]

Then I check what version I installed [FILE]hplip[/FILE]
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[cmd=#]pkg_info | grep hplip[/cmd]
hplip-3.13.2_1 Drivers and utilities for HP Printers and All-in-One device

Now I remove this version
[Cmd=#]pkg_delete hplip-3.13.2_1[/Cmd]
Compiles [FILE]hplip[/FILE] from ports
[Cmd=#]cd /usr/ports/print/hplip && make install clean[/Cmd]
When the window pops up where I select the configuration

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[X] QT - Graphical user Interface
[X] SCAN - scanning support

Then, in all subsequent configuration windows only confirm default values (no change)

Why do I first install the [FILE]hplip[/FILE] package, and then I remove it and compile again? After that I installed a lot depending on the package and I do not have to compile them from the ports, and only the few [FILE]hplip[/FILE] + ports. This solution is very short. And [FILE]hplip[/FILE] from ports have support for the scanner. If you do not want the same scanner with the [FILE]hplip[/FILE] package should be enough to run the printer.

Now is the time to set it all works out as planned

Add to [FILE]/etc/rc.conf[/FILE], the following entries
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cups_enable = "YES"
devfs_system_ruleset = "system"

Create file [FILE]/etc/devfs.rules[/FILE]
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 [system = 10]
add path 'usb *' mode 0770 group cups
add path 'ugen *' mode 0660 group cups
add path 'usb/0.1. *' mode 0660 group cups
add path 'usb/1.1. *' mode 0660 group cups
add path 'usb/1.2. *' mode 0660 group cups

Adds yampress user or herself to a group of [FILE]cups[/FILE] (and users who can use the device)
[cmd=#]pw groupmod cups -M yampress[/cmd]

Then reboot the computer.

When I log in, open console and I switch to root and run the command
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Driver hp_psc_2400_series-hpijs.ppd.gz

Now you can easily configure our printer, and one should not have a problem.

The second method is to type in the web browser but
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localhost: 631

and there configure the printer.

The third method is to have the printer driver PPD file from Linux and use it to the other methods described above. Ot a little hack.

Enjoy it.
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