ccache calls clang, not gcc46

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ccache calls clang, not gcc46

Postby Beeblebrox » 23 Jan 2013, 17:00

I seem to be getting an onslaught of odd errors these days...

I recently switched to the slower updated [port]lang/gcc[/port] from [port]lang/gcc46[/port]. As you know, the only difference is that [port]lang/gcc[/port] updates are less frequent than [FILE]gcc46[/FILE].

I'm also running a pure [FILE]clang[/FILE] world using [FILE]WITH_CLANG_IS_CC[/FILE]. But now a strange problem: When I try to build a port, [FILE]clang[/FILE] is being used by [FILE]ccache[/FILE] (I can tell by the output). The only way to ensure that [FILE]gcc46[/FILE] is used as compiler is to disable in [FILE]/etc/make.conf[/FILE] this:
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And enable this:
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I have played around with some settings but I get no results.
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