see traffic from a specific IP

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see traffic from a specific IP

Postby kr651129 » 24 Sep 2012, 04:18

systat -ifstat gives me input, output, total, and averages which is good. What I want to know is the following.

I connected to my FreeBSD server from a friends house using WinSCP to download a tar (rather large file 6.5 GB) and I want to check the transmission status.

When I'm ssh'd into my server is there a command that will show traffic to specific IPs?
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Postby akil » 24 Sep 2012, 10:19


There is many ways to achive similar results.

[CMD=" "]pftop[/CMD]
Please consider to install it firstly before you start using it from [port]sysutils/pftop[/port], and accordingly you have to enable PF in [FILE]/etc/rc.conf[/FILE]

Another way would be to see a whole traffic, so sniffing is a good idea
[CMD="tcpdump"] -e -nnn -i <INTERFACE> src <SRC IP>[/CMD]
or you can use it to see traffic for specific destination ip on your server
[CMD="tcpdump"] -e -nnn -i <INTERFACE> dst <SRC IP>[/CMD]

You can check also below ports, maybe something match to your needs

Does that match to what are you expecting ?
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Postby mamalos » 24 Sep 2012, 10:53

kr651129's question is straight forward, and I was having the same question a few days ago, but all programs I've tried did not do the job:

Is there a utility that shows in/Kbps, out/Kbps for a specific ip? Not the number of states when using [man=4]pf[/man], nor something identical.
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Postby mamalos » 24 Sep 2012, 11:04

...from those that akil recommends, I think that [port]net-mgmt/iftop[/port] does the job.

Thanx akil!
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