compat/linux alsa sound

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compat/linux alsa sound

Postby Beeblebrox » 20 Jun 2012, 17:36

I have not been able to get my [FILE]Skype[/FILE] to work for almost an eternity. Before I ask for tech support from there, I would like to make sure that [FILE]alsa[/FILE] sound from the [FILE]compat/linux[/FILE] layer is indeed working.

Sound on the FreeBSD side goes through [FILE]pulseaudio[/FILE]. Sound for [FILE]flash[/FILE] works (probably not related to [FILE]alsa[/FILE] however).

How can I test whether [FILE]alsa[/FILE] settings are correct and that [FILE]alsa[/FILE] is able to pipe sound?
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Postby sg1efc » 20 Jun 2012, 20:06

Not certain if this will help you but the information at this link helped me a lot:

Went into the Skype "options" area after I made those changes and into the "sound devices" section. Was then able to see and select the correct choice for my headphones. Might also have adjusted the audio settings in the PCBSD "Sound Preferences" section. Once finished, I made a Skype test call and my audio was working. I forget if rebooting was necessary at any point. Still learning a lot about FreeBSD and PCBSD. :stud :)
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