problem with Warden port on FreeBSD 9.0

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problem with Warden port on FreeBSD 9.0

Postby wendellanderson » 18 Apr 2012, 13:00

I installed "The Warden" Jails management from Ports on FreeBSD 9.0 server. Following instructions, and using "curses" Warden Menu, I input info on jail.

The Warden built new jail with source and ports.

After prompt for root password and to add a user, the Warden Menu suddenly exited to terminal with error message:

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chroot: / no such file or directory.

The [FILE]chpass[/FILE] utility exists in my [FILE]/usr/bin[/FILE].

How can I repair/re-install [FILE]chpass[/FILE] utility function, or reinstall Warden?
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