FreeBSD 9.0 on ThinkPad X220

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FreeBSD 9.0 on ThinkPad X220

Postby HonestAbe » 21 Mar 2012, 17:11

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I attempted to install FreeBSD on an mSATA drive in my X220 - or rather, I did install but ran into some problems.

As stated, I installed 9.0 on an mSATA drive in my X220. No other OS was installed on this drive and I used the automated partitioning scheme supplied in the installer. The installation went without issue but when I attempted to boot from the fresh install the system just hung (as if no bootable drive were available). I guessed that perhaps there was some issue with FreeBSD playing nice with mSATA in the X220 so I then went through the same installation on my main SATA SSD but to my dismay the same issue arose.

I searched and could only find reference to UEFI or the boot agent FreeBSD uses as the culprit. Disabling UEFI had no effect. Should I install GRUB and add FreeBSD to the GRUB file?

I really appreciate any suggestions you might have. Ideally, I would have FreeBSD 9.0 taking the whole of my Intel 310 (80GB) on the mSATA but if I need to add FreeBSD among my OpenBSD and Linux partitions on my Intel 320 (160GB) SSD then I shall happily do so.

Thanks again.
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Postby grigorovl » 22 Mar 2012, 07:51

You need to do legacy style MBR booting. This has been discussed in a couple of places. You can also see this topic:

Also read through this topic for further information:

I ordered my X220, but I know it will be some configuration to get FreeBSD to work as I want it once it comes. Basically right now resume and brightness are problematic.

For future references, the mailing lists, specifically freebsd-mobile and freebsd-acpi will get you more accurate and quicker responses.
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