mixer vol permanent solution?

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mixer vol permanent solution?

Postby everypot » 20 Mar 2009, 15:03

Is there any way to change the mixer vol permanently? The default mixer vol is 75 which is too low for me. I use
mixer vol 100
which give me good volume. However, once I reboot the computer the mixer vol is set to default 75 again. I'm wondering if there is any configuration file for mixer.
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Postby Carpetsmoker » 20 Mar 2009, 15:26

There most certainly is, and it comes in the form of /etc/rc.d/mixer.

First set the volume to your likings with [man=8]mixer[/man], run [cmd=#]sh /etc/rc.d/mixer stop[/cmd], this will save the current mixer state in /var/db/mixern-state
running [cmd=#]sh /etc/rc.d/mixer start[/cmd] will restore the mixer state from /var/db/mixern-state

By default mixer_enabled="YES" is set /etc/defaults/rc.conf
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[option] tune the mixer as root

Postby darcsis » 21 Mar 2009, 00:37

change it as root, the changed value will remain.
at least this works on my box.
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Postby Mel_Flynn » 21 Mar 2009, 09:11

When using KDE, kmix will restore settings by default, so the last settings your user used as it logged out are restored, independent of /etc/rc.d/mixer.
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Postby everypot » 23 Mar 2009, 15:52

Thanks a lot. It works now.
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