from option to #define

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from option to #define

Postby fluca1978 » 12 Dec 2011, 07:46

Hi all,
this could be trivial, but I'm trying to understand how the kernel customization works. If I get it right, each [file]option[/file] line in the kernel configuration line is translated by the [file]config[/file] command into a [FILE]#define[/FILE] for the preprocessor. Now, I don't get why in the compilation directory there is also a [file]config.c[/file] which contains a c-readable clone of the configuration file for the kernel, and at the same time the [file]config[/file] command produces a set of [file]opt_xxx.h[/file] header files with the pre-processor macros. I'm losing a passage here, what is the purpose of the [FILE]config.c[/FILE] file?
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