HOWTO: Installing FreeBSD 8.x with USB Flash (use Grub4Dos).

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HOWTO: Installing FreeBSD 8.x with USB Flash (use Grub4Dos).

Postby valsorym » 04 Nov 2011, 15:25

Installing FreeBSD 8.x with USB Flash
(using the tool Grub4Dos)

Preparing USB Flash:
You need to format a USB Flash file system FAT32.
* My device is defined as [FILE]/dev/da0[/FILE]
* If the device to turn on automatically - it must be turned off. My unit was
involved as [FILE]/media/myflash[/FILE]:
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    # umount /media/myflash

Cleaning and formatting:
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    # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0s1 bs=512 count=1
    # newfs_msdos -L "FreeBSD" /dev/da0s1

Reconnect USB Flash. My device is identified as /media/FREEBSD.
* Or connect it manually:
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    # mkdir -p /media/FREEBSD
    # mount -t msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /media/FREEBSD

Receiving the packet Grub4Dos.
You need download the Grub4Dos. Download last official release.
url (en):
url (ru):

* Program "[FILE]wget[/FILE]" and "[FILE]unzip[/FILE]" should be set in advance.
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    $ mkdir -p ~/grub4dos
    $ cd ~/grub4dos
    $ wget "
    $ ls

    $ unzip "grub4dos-0.4.4-2009-03-31_(official_release).zip"
    $ ls
    grub4dos-0.4.4  grub4dos-0.4.4-2009-03-31_(official_release).zip

Install Grub4Dos.
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    $ cd ~/grub4dos/grub4dos-0.4.4/
    $ cp grldr menu.lst defualt /media/FREEBSD

Write FreeBSD.
* To achieve the goal we need the following images:
- [FILE]FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso[/FILE]
- [FILE]FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso[/FILE] (or [FILE]FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso.xz[/FILE]
or have already recorded disc with FreeBSD 8.2).
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    $ mkdir -p /media/FREEBSD/main
    $ cd /media/FREEBSD/main
    $ wget "
    $ mv FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso freebsd82bx86.iso
    $ ls

Copy the folder [FILE]8.2-RELEASE[/FILE] from your ISO FreeBSD ([FILE]FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso[/FILE] or [FILE]FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso.xz[/FILE]).
* I have a recorded disc with FreeBSD 8.2. (my CD-ROM mount in [FILE]/cdrom[/FILE]).
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    $ cp -R -f /cdrom/8.2-RELEASE /media/FREEBSD/

* Rewrite menu list:
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    $ cat /media/FREEBSD/menu.lst

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color white/black yellow/blue white/black white/black
timeout 10
default /default

title FreeBSD 8.2 x86.
fallback 1
map /main/freebsd82bx86.iso (hd32)
map --hook
root (hd32)

title Reboot your computer now.
fallback 2

* Configure your computer to boot from USB Flash.

*** In sysinstall: When selecting the source for installation, select MSDOS! ***
Good luck!
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