Problems with uptime() and pause() at system boot time

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Problems with uptime() and pause() at system boot time

Postby mburnicki » 31 Oct 2011, 16:30


I'm currently working on a FreeBSD device driver for some PCI cards manufactured by our company (Meinberg).

One of the PCI cards needs a certain time interval to become ready to be accessed after power-up, i.e. the card's driver must not access such card before a required uptime has been reached (I know this is ugly, but there's no way to avoid this).

So my idea was to use a code sequence like this in the initialization function for this type of PCI card, before the card is actually accessed by the driver:

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while (1)
  struct timeval tv = { 0 };
  struct bintime bt;


  if ( bt.sec > required_uptime )

  // we must wait, so sleep 1 second, then try again
  tv.tv_sec = 1;
  pause( "pause", tvtohz( &tv ) );

When the system is already up and running and then my driver module is loaded manually by the [FILE]kldload[/FILE] command then everything works fine, i.e. [FILE]binuptime[/FILE] returns reasonable values and [FILE]pause()[/FILE] delays execution for about 1 second, as expected.

However, if my kernel module is loaded automatically at boot time (I have added a line [FILE]*_load="YES"[/FILE] for my module to [FILE]/boot/loader.conf[/FILE]) to probe the PCI devices the [FILE]binuptime()[/FILE] call always returns 1 for the seconds and a few fractions which increase slowly between calls, and the [FILE]pause()[/FILE] call does not delay execution at all, so the driver loops forever at this point (or at least for a very long time).

Thus I'm looking for a for an alternate way to implement this, or to delay automatical loading of my module until the [FILE]uptime()[/FILE] and [FILE]pause()[/FILE] calls work as expected. Is it possible to define a module/driver dependency under FreeBSD so that my module is only loaded after some other module which handles the [FILE]uptime()[/FILE]/[FILE]pause()[/FILE] stuff?

This has been tested under FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE for amd64, in case this matters.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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