Need recipe for owncloud-2 and nginx

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Need recipe for owncloud-2 and nginx

Postby semi-ambivalent » 20 Oct 2011, 12:47

Hi all,

I have a simple home setup to which I'm trying to add owncloud-2 for external access. In spite of my fumbling I can't get it to work. The setup is:
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Internet -> Fixed IP -> 2wire router -> OpenBSD firewall -> FreeBSD machine -> FreeBSD jail

The firewall re-directs all port 80 requests to the jail which is running nginx-1.1.6. It serves pages fine (and setting up the jail was trivial). nginx serves the pages from [FILE]/www[/FILE], a dedicated directory but not a partition. Owncloud is installed on the jail in the port's default of [FILE]/usr/local/www/[/FILE]. I think it hinges on changes needed to [FILE]nginx.conf[/FILE] but could only find linux-y solutions that haven't worked for me and I'm still pretty stupid about nginx's config syntax verses apache.

Owncloud's default data directory is [FILE]/usr/local/www/owncloud/data[/FILE]. Don't yet know if I can use symlinks or config rules to hook it up to nginx's root in [FILE]/www[/FILE]. Anybody know of a recipe or BSD-ish tutorial?


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