emX: watchdog timeout -- resetting

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emX: watchdog timeout -- resetting

Postby ozanus » 03 Feb 2011, 08:44

Hello there,
I'm using FreeBSD 7.2.
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uname -a
FreeBSD pfSense.coslat.com 7.2-RELEASE-p5 FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p5 #0: Tue Dec 29 15:11:00 UTC 2009     root@nw-
ds.com:/usr/obj.pfSense/usr/pfSensesrc/src/sys/pfSense.7  i386

I'm getting
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em1: watchdog timeout -- resetting
error, and this interfaces not running ...

I search google and other mail list and forums but i could not find any solution.

I try this following steps ;

1- Enter system of FreeBSD 7.2, and add
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from [FILE]/boot/device.hints[/FILE]. then restart system.

2- Change driver : http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=17509&ProdId=3023&lang=eng

I'm compile and install driver my virtual box FreeBSD 8.

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bsd8# tar zxvf /root/em-6.9.21.tar.gz -C /usr/src/
bsd8# make && make install
install -o root -g wheel -m 555   if_em.ko /boot/kernel
kldxref /boot/kernel

And copy [file]if_em.ko[/file] to my FreeBSD 7.2 in [FILE]/boot/kernel[/FILE] directory. And run command [cmd=]kldxref /boot/kernel[/cmd]

Restart system, but this problem continues.

Does anyone have a definitive solution to this problem?

Thaks for supports.
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Postby ozanus » 08 Feb 2011, 15:14

I solved my problem.

Download FreeBSD 7.x intel ethernet driver from, http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=17509&ProdId=3023&lang=eng

And run this following command your FreeBSD 7.X;
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# tar zxvf em-6.9.21.tar.gz -C /usr/src/
# cd /usr/src/em-6.9.21/src/
# make && make install
# echo 'hint.apic.0.disabled="1"'  >> /boot/device.hints
# echo 'if_em_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf
# reboot

Finish Watchdog massage and running this ethernet card.

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