Newbie Software Installation Problem

Installing and maintaining the FreeBSD Ports Collection or FreeBSD Packages (i.e. third party software).

Newbie Software Installation Problem

Postby martyfelker » 30 Jan 2011, 06:07


Just joined the forum - very new to UNIX. I installed Release 8.2-rc2 (amd64) and learned enough about vi to add

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and bring up the GNOME Desktop. I logout of my user account and login as root (should probably edit the [FILE]sudoers[/FILE] file - but later). Since there doesn't seem to be any browsers in the DVD I burned I tried [CMD=" "]pkd-add - r -v firefox[/CMD] but the tbz package was not found. How can I add Firefox so I can start browsing in FreeBSD? Should I just have typed Firefox36 or something like that?? At this moment I'm using Ubuntu Natty in a multi boot environment but really want to learn more about FreeBSD from within that OS.

Thank you.

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Postby wblock@ » 30 Jan 2011, 06:22

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