Skype on FreeBSD 8.0

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Skype on FreeBSD 8.0

Postby errd » 05 Apr 2010, 21:47

Does anyone has up and running Skype?

Had no success with both:
net/skype12 - built, but can't log in
net/skype - port marked as broken.

Is there any chance to run linux build of skype?
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Postby sim » 05 Apr 2010, 22:18

Skype 2 is running fine for me on 8, although I only use it for IM. I don't have a working mic so can't comment on the VOIP aspect.

From memory I can't remember how I installed it but I didn't do anything fancy. Most likely just built from ports.

Not sure if that helps!

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Postby tankist02 » 05 Apr 2010, 23:48

I have Skype running fine (chat and talk) on PC BSD 8 (which has FreeBSD 8 underneath) on Thinkpad T42.
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Postby volatilevoid » 06 Apr 2010, 00:14

See this thread.
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Postby mruhe-s » 01 Jun 2010, 19:50

tankist02 wrote:I have Skype running fine (chat and talk) on PC BSD 8 (which has FreeBSD 8 underneath) on Thinkpad T42.

Hi, how did you manage to get skype running.... I am stuck
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How to install skype

Postby shamim3000 » 14 Oct 2010, 04:59

[CMD=" "]kldload linux[/CMD]

copy to [FILE]/usr/ports/distfiles[/FILE]

[CMD=" "]cd /usr/ports/skype[/CMD]

[CMD=" "]vi Makefile[/CMD] and comment out line number 28

[CMD=" "]make install clean[/CMD]
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Postby kenorb » 22 Oct 2010, 15:23

This version after install I see empty contact lists, no balance (status says Online). It's only on mine or something known?
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