Two drives

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Two drives

Postby Boxmaker » 07 Mar 2010, 22:28

I am new to Open Source. To prove it, I am confused about hard drives. I see so many references to multiple hard drives, but manufacturers websites only speak of external hard drives as either storage or back-up devices. All the Open Source information I have read makes me think that an external hard drive in a USB can have a bootable OS on it. Can someone enlighten me?
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Postby graudeejs » 07 Mar 2010, 22:57

Yes, you can boot from external HDD, IF your bios supports booting from usb.
Same applies to Flash (unless it's U3 flash, which didn't work for me)
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Postby fbsd1 » 08 Mar 2010, 01:31

Desktop PC can have multiple hard drives cabled to the motherboard. 4 max if not having cd/dvd drive.
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Postby trev » 08 Mar 2010, 02:57

fbsd1 wrote:4 max if not having cd/dvd drive.

Most motherboards that I've looked at recently allow from 4 to 8 internal SATA drives plus 2 IDE internal drives, whether they be hard disk or optical drives. Not sure whence you got your limit of just 4.
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Postby Beastie » 08 Mar 2010, 09:07

^ "recently" is your keyword here.
Back in the days of the (P)ATA ( sounds epic :) ), computers usually only had two controllers/cables for optical/hard disks, with a master and a slave for each, i.e. 4 disks.
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Postby graudeejs » 08 Mar 2010, 09:13

he he he, I can stick (in my new server [which is desktop pc]):
6x SATA300 HDD's
2x SATA600 HDD's
2x IDE HDD's

10x USB HDD's

I think that's all (but I might be missing some)
So totally I can stick: 22 HDD's

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