Mobile IPv6 on FreeBSD 8.0

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Mobile IPv6 on FreeBSD 8.0

Postby abxccd » 07 Jan 2010, 08:44

Hi everyone!

I am currently setting up a Mobile IPv6 test bench using a few FreeBSD machines. The goal would be to have a home agent, mobile node, corresponding node and a care-of network operating.

I have done a fair bit of research and discovered that the kame project ( is integrated into FreeBSD since 4.0. I have also found another project called SHISA ( This leads to the following questions:

Is Mobile IPv6 enabled in the FreeBSD kernel by default?

The KAME and SHISA sites say that SNAPs are for cutting edge users. I just wish to set up my own test bench. Will I need to compile the kernel with snaps?

Finally, I have found two HOW-TOs:

Which one (KAME or SHISA) should I be using?

Cheers :D
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Postby SirDice » 07 Jan 2010, 12:23

Not sure about mobile IPv6 but there's a fully functional IPv6 stack. My home network has been running IPv6 for several years now.
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