ZFS zfs snapshot data is only latest data

So I need to recover a old zone file, checked the file and it was not old, tried a older snapshot and is the same. I then discovered two things.

1 - All the snapshot files have the same current modified date as the live files.
2 - I can edit files in the snapshot, which updates also the live data and all other snapshots even tho it is supposed to be read only.

So seems either there is some very serious regress in the ZFS code, or I have some kind of misconfiguration or something.

It is FreeBSD 9.3-p10

using zFsnap to create the snapshots with syntax like this.

/usr/local/sbin/zfSnap -z -a 6m -R zroot/ROOT/default zroot/usr/local
I have now confirmed the problem on 3 servers, also the first 2 servers, the first reboot after accessing the snapshot data the zfs bootblock was corrupt.

2 x 9.3, 1x 10.1.

Will test on 8.x as this problem didnt exist back then.

Creating snapshots using the normal command (no 3rd party script) is still broken.
False alarm, its because of a symlink in the snapshot pointing to a live folder. on a different fileset.

At least its a false alarm on the snapshots, I dont know what happened with the bootblocks.