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ZFS, Raidz, Labels, and Encryption

Discussion in 'General' started by THEJEWRaVeN, Oct 5, 2010.


    THEJEWRaVeN New Member

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    Hello all. I'm giving the forum a try before dropping a question to the following:



    When attempting to create a ZFS RAIDZ pool, I get the following message:

    cannot create 'tank': one or more devices is currently unavailable

    Command used to make this occur:

    zpool create tank raidz label/P1SG136D.eli label/P2SGY10S.eli label/P3SG3ERV.eli label/P4SGC4QY.eli \
    label/P5SGYJSC.eli label/P6SG49JV.eli label/P7SG9H9H.eli label/P8SGDF8G.eli


    Asus M3N WS
    Athlon II X2 240
    8gb Kingston DDR2 ECC
    8 X 1.5tb Seagate SATA drives
    60gb IDE drive
    HighPoint RocketRAID 2220 PCI-X
    PCI RivaTNT

    Background Reading as to how I arrived here:

    1. Setting up an encrypted ZFS with FreeBSD

    2. GELI file systems unusable after "glabel label" operations

    3. geli Manpage

    4. [Solved] zpool create <pool> drives fails

    5. ZFS Unavailable

    Overview of What I've Done:

    Reading #1 was used as a rough guideline to make a ZFS pool with geli encryption. I used Reading #4 & #5 to label my drives. I believe one should be able to create an encrypted ZFS pool using labels due to Reading #2. The commands from Reading #1 were slightly modified with help from Reading #3.


    glabel label -v P1SG136D /dev/da0
    glabel label -v P2SGY10S /dev/da1

    This labels each drive attached to my HighPoint controller with the Port # it is attached to, the company brand, and part of the serial number so that I can easily identify which drive has a problem in the future.

    dd if=/dev/random of=/usr/home/THEJEW/P1SG136D.key bs=64 count=1
    dd if=/dev/random of=/usr/home/THEJEW/P2SGY10S.key bs=64 count=1

    Encryption keys are created and placed within my home folder. Home directory is also encrypted, but passphrase is entered at boot (ie. keys are available).

    geli init -a HMAC/SHA256 -e AES -l 256 -s 4096 -K /usr/home/THEJEW/P1SG136D.key /dev/label/P1SG136D
    geli init -a HMAC/SHA256 -e AES -l 256 -s 4096 -K /usr/home/THEJEW/P2SGY10S.key /dev/label/P2SGY10S

    Preparing to attach key to label to create *.eli in "label" folder. *.eli files do appear in Dolphin.

    geli attach -k /usr/home/THEJEW/P1SG136D.key /dev/label/P1SG136D
    geli attach -k /usr/home/THEJEW/P2SGY10S.key /dev/label/P2SGY10S


    Attempting to create zpool fails (see code in Problem section). Everything attempted as root.

    I imagine I have missed something fairly obvious. Any help is appreciated.