ZFS zfs nfs share HELP!!!

I need some help. I've spend ALL day trying to mount a ZFS folder over an NFS share. I've exhausted google and the internet. The host computer is an old Pentium 4 running the latest Ubuntu. I'm using Ubuntu because I have some software needs that FreeBSD does not run and it supports ZFS. In it I have a pair of drives mirrored using ZFS. I can mount the NFS share with read and write access fine in Debian. For the life of me I cannot get it to mount with read/write access in FreeBSD. I can get it to mount. I can see the main file systems. I cannot view their contents. The ownership shows up as root, wheel. My account belongs to the group wheel already. what does it take to modify the NFS mount permissions in FreeBSD. PLEASE HELP!
Thank you!!!

I restarted everything and tried mounting the individual file systems instead of the whole pool and now I have read and write access. The ownership is still root, wheel. The question remains on how to change the ownership of a ZFS NFS share.

Thank you.