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Hi, I've bought an 500 GB SSD. I'd like to know how to substitute the old 128 GB SSD where FreeBSD 11 reside and boot with the new SSD. I wanna want to use 250 GB for the clone or snapshot, ZFS file system, and 250 GB for ext4
Any tips? Thank you for your patience.


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If you're asking this question I'm assuming you're not an expert FreeBSD user. In which case it's probably easier to simply do a fresh install on the new SSD. Then add the old SSD back into the system and copy any data you might want to save.


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Backup and restore? It seriously depends on context and how you're planning to set it up.

The easiest way I can think of is to add the second SSD to your current environment, boot normally using FreeBSD and then use gpart to set up the new SSD. Instead of zroot you could use a pool called zroot2.

You can then either use zpool send ... | zpool receive to copy your data or just use cp. Depends a bit on how you set up your current environment.

This should be a pretty straight forward task IMO.

(edit) Forgot to mention: renaming the other pool later can then be done using zpool export, but you're going to need a rescue environment (boot CD?) to set that up (it's not that difficult).