Solved Yppasswd can not change passwords on 12.0-Release


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I'm running into a pam error: "passwd: pam_chauthtok(): Error in service module"
if I try to change a password on a recently installed box.
/var/log/messages says: "rename of /var/yp to /var/yp/master.passwd.hold failed"
The name of the master.passwd template-file to be copied seems to be missing obviously. Of cause the file is in the expected place.

I have found a bug-report in bugzilla from January 2019 but no updates to the status. There is a patch to yppasswdd shortly discussed there but as a layman I don't intend to mess with the sources of the base system myself.
As I cant't find any further information on this issue, it might be that I, besides the one who reported the bug initialy, am the only one using NIS nowerdays so that the issue isn't considered pressing. For me it's a show stopper unfortunately. So any advice what to do besides messing around with the sources would be appreciated.

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PS Meanwhile a fix has bin committed
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