You're doing what?


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Talking about home projects with computers.

Trying animation using blender and gimp, and yourself?
I'm working on learning how to customize the kernel & world, and hopefully (this is my goal for the summer), get into either making custom livefs, or installable versions of FreeBSD that come packaged with, say a wm, or a web server package, or something. I really don't have a major purpose for this other than to do it and get a little more experience with FreeBSD & maybe share the love with some non-BSD users. I know that there's already stuff like PC-BSD & FreeNAS out there, but I like to reinvent the wheel & put a little spin on it.
Attempting to build the latest gambas, and with that, I plan on writing a custom POS for our little food business. I could always use KDevelop, but I come from a VB background and I really detest C++ anyways. :)
Wondering why VoIP applications on FreeBSD all seem very neglected. Wanting to create an OpenSIPS and/or Kamailio port sometime soon - anyone feel free to beat me to it.

Contemplating how difficult it'd be to write a libalias_sip. :)