Your favorite text based application

If there is no kind of rich media content over internet, I would run my workstation with all text based application all the time. Hard not to love the plain and simplicity of plain text. My web browser (Opera) is the one and the only reason I need to run GUI.

Most of my frequently and favorite text based application can be run as non-interactive. Cron and script gotta love it.

===> curl: An excellent tool for manipulating http stream connection.

===> cmus: My music player of choice

===> growisofs: create and burn iso file to DVD.

===> httptunnel: create TCP/IP tunnel and stream it as http connection.

===> Lame: she is not lame, especially in audio encoding tasks

===> mplayer: Ah, just love it!

===> nmap: extremely powerful and configurable port scanner, a bit too noisy, though

===> tcpdump

===> rsync: we all know about her ;)

===> zsh: the shell with advanced auto complete feature, you never have to type too much :p

===> ImageMagick: the guy behind the screen. His job is image manipulation.

===> Classic UNIX ulilities: tr, grep, sed and awk.

===> dump and restore: oldies buddies, hope I dont have to see them so often :p

===> w3m: web browser

===> synergy: a tool to share mouse and keyboard via TCP/IP. You will be a bit confused at the first place, then you will love it. This could be used for making fun with other people :D

===> telnet: one of my favorite network debug ultilities all the time :)

===> man: "...then the God created man..." as per my signature ;)

===> Last but not least, vim and ssh
Nice list. But when gui unavailable Opera is unavailable too.
links - is a lucky. Lightweight :e and no needs any GUI.
Agrrh, how could I forget sed, grep, awk, tr. Added to the 1st post.

Daemony said:
Nice list. But when gui unavailable Opera is unavailable too.
links - is a lucky. Lightweight :e and no needs any GUI.

You havent tried w3m, have you? I dont run text based so often, only in server. I have been using lynx, link, elinks and w3m, IMHO, elinks is nicer than link (table rendering?), and w3m is even better ;)
(I'm an Opera fan too!)
I'm not a great fan of text-based applications, but I like using the shell and the MySQL client.
*forehead slap*. I know I am missing something: telnet (telnet as in telnet client, not server :D)

And also added some more tools: synergy, dump and restore...
In my opinion screen + irssi (irc client) + mcabber (jabber client) are the ultimate combination for chatting.

Mutt for mails is nice, too. :)

And I can't live without vim + ctags for programming. ^^
I like ctorrent. A small, lightweight torrentclient. Tin, a easy to learn newsreader and of course the the only mailclient that sucks less. Mutt:)
Mutt of course, my wife uses (Al)pine (mail) instead, newsbeuter ( a really handy rssfeed-reader, mcabber for XMPP, sometimes lynx, ttyload, rtorrent and so on. There are a lot of tiny helpers I'm using regularly.
I'm a fan of (t)csh, lynx, screen, mplayer (no video, though, since I can't use svgalib), emacs, vi, and ftp.

And of course, the standard shell syntax:
% cat file1 | grep statement > file2 extremely helpful.
tad1214 said:
How true. I could spend hours with beer and fortunes. ;-)

But, like for the most, main applications on console are screen, irssi and mutt (with vv/nntp-patch).

SaveTheRbtz said:
PS may be place screen in base? =)
If you ask me, screen is not needed in base. And not to forget, it's GPL. screen lives well in ports.
steinex said:
And not to forget, it's GPL.

Is it the same reason for curl and rsync? I would not be suprised if I find them in the base one day :e

Also I would add find and locate :D
My favorites are:


I just enjoy all the CLI application as opposed to gui applications for sysadmin tasks. Well, maybe not just sysadmin tasks. I remember when I was in high school doing my homework in vim.
I noticed a lot of people mentioning screen, so I thought I would throw in tmux, which is like screen, except has a BSD-license and is slightly less straining on your resources.