Solved Xrandr

I installed FreeBSD, and installed Xorg properly, to the best of my knowledge. However, when I run Xrandr on the command line, with no limitations at all, it says "no monitor detected".
My Samsung Monitor is SyncMaster S24B300. It is connected to my computer via HDMI, with an option for VGA, if I want to.
My system runs 10.3, and my computer is set up on UEFI, so I used the UEFI option for FreeBSD. I have Windows 10 installed along side it, so it's multiboot. Windows 10 was installed first, of course.

The first problem that comes to mind might be Drivers? But how can that impact the connectivity to FreeBSD?

I don't know what other information I can provide right now, but I will happily provide more information upon request.
Ya know, I think I'll just install PCBSD, based on my technical expertise. It's based on FreeBSD, so it shouldn't be a problem.