xorg build failed


I updated to 7-STABLE and I cvsup'd my ports tree on Saturday.
I was using portmanager -u to update all the ports. But the xorg build fails with an error in bdftopcf.c

Anybody know why this might be? portmanager tried to go back to the previous version, but seems to have failed - startx is completely missing from the system now.

As said before, post the error message. Also, from which version did you try to update (base system and Xorg).
I was updating from xorg 6.2 to xorg 7.3

I had to install the port xproxymanagementprotocol manually. xfindproxy was failing because it needs it for the declaration of the type pmGetProxyAddrReplyMsg.

Now xorg is installed, but I get error messages when I start the x server. I'll put that in the xorg forum. I think it's more appropriate there.

Thanks for the replies.