xfce4 gtk bad look themes



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hi.I have installed xfce4 and gtk-xfce-engine.But a lot of gtk2 themes are looking very bad or completely wrong.Also i have installed svg library but a lot of icon themes not preview as user but can preview as root (gnomesu thunar and i see folders with icon but simple thunar saw like folder icon is missing!And i have copy .icons in /root and in /home/**** too)What i have done wrong?



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Your english is quite hard to read, but it seems that you have 2 problems. A, your theme is bad, and B, your lacking icons.

For problem A, I would suggest you grab x11-themes/clearlooks, as it is a very common and nice looking theme.

For problem B, Grab misc/gnome-icon-theme. Yes, I know that it is the gnome icon theme, but many programs use this theme for their everyday icons.

Make sure you set up the system to use clearlooks, and the icon theme should take effect after a restart of X.

If this is not the problem you had, please try to explain more.

Good luck,