Solved XFCE user image icon on logon selection disappeared after latest pkg upgrade

Hi all, I learned how to make any user image appear on the icon tag at logon choice, it was a matter of renaming a 96x96 jpg file as: .face.icon.jpg to be located in the user's home folder. After yesterday's package upgrading, it disappeared.
Do you know how to restore it?
Thank you


Normally pkg has nothing to touch in the $HOME directory, are you sure this is gone? Files with a dot at the beginning are shown as invisible in the gui filemanager.

If this file is really gone, then it is not possible to get it back without a lot of effort.

It is instead easier to place the file back in the home folder. If the file is gone again after an update, i would report this in the bugtracker.

If the original file is no longer findable, this is of course annoying.
On 13.0, I am using lighdm and xfce. It works with ~/.face (no extension needed) which is a symlink to a .xpm file some else and size 214/236 (not even square). Was previously using sddm, and it worked with that too.

Try that, try .face
ok, after a bit of engagement in understanding which folder should be the one containing the 96x96 png picture called .face.icon , I've finally found it:
/usr/local/share/sddm/faces .
The pkg ugrade had restored there the default anonymous avatar as .face.icon, and I've replaced it with mine, also called .face.icon
So, the home folder location was the wrong one for this purpose.