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Closed Wrong icon used for the FreeBSD Forums in some cases


Aspiring Daemon

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The FreeBSD foundation maintains a site with the official FreeBSD logos:

And all the authorized logo-files can be downloaded from there -- Download logo files

Technically, the file ./FreeBSD Logo Archive/Vertical/Full Color/Positive/RGB/FREEBSD_Logo_Vert_Pos_RGB.pdf would be optimal for exporting the icon logo file. In any case the original design must not be altered, since the official site states:

• Alter the logo in any way.
• Put at an angle or rearrange elements
• Add shadows or special effects
• Change the colors
• Squeeze or stretch
• Place on a complicated background
• Use older versions of the logo
• Animate the logo

Using Adobe Illustrator, I only exported a 200 x 200 .png image, leaving the original design untouched.