Solved WPA Enterprise wpa_supplicant config question


I have decided to take the plunge into FreeBSD, as I am considering making it my official, full time OS. I have Lenovo T420 (model 4180). I have dabbled with FreeBSD before, so I understand the use of wpa_supplicant. What my issue is, I'd like to be able to use this at work and access the internet via their public/guest Wifi. What they do, is have it setup so you have to use your employee user ID and password to log on to the wifi. So... my question - how to I configure wpa_supplicant.conf to do this login? I have some details on how the settings in Windows 7 would go. They are as follows:

network name: network
security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption Type: AES

Then, they guide you to make some custom settings to the connection:

Network Authentication Method: PEAP
Authentication Method: EAP-MSCHAP v2

802.11 Settings:
Enable Pairwise Mater Key (PMK) caching is enables with PMK TTL at 720 minutes and number of enteries in PMK to 128.

Of course we put our usernames and passwords in as well so it can just auto connect to the network.

Can someone help me build a wpa_supplicant.conf entry that would help me get this working. I have tired various posts across Google and on here, but none seem to fit my exact settings. Being a newbie, I'm somewhat lost. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much!
All -

So, some updates. While I could not figure out a manual configuration with wpa_supplicant, I decided to branch out. I found a few tools for X11 (wifimgr is the one I used first) that, after scanning, detects much of the settings and I only had to edit the connection and enter my username, password and the authentication type. After that, I clicked it's refresh button and it connected me. I know this just adds an entry, so I examined it. I was missing one thing and had too much of some other stuff, apparently. Here is what the entry ended up being:

    bssid=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (no quotes on this - this is what I was missing before)

That was it - I was missing the BSSID, but wasn't sure I needed it before. Also, I had a different option for the key_mgmt line as well, based on other posts I saw. In any case, for a basic WPA-ENTERPRISE connection, this works great for me. Just a tip for anyone having issues and just starting out - use a tool like wifimgr or something to get your bearing. They are good tools, from there, if you want to manage it manually, you can. Those tools will just get you going.