wmfs && gimp

these guys, they don't get along so well, see? in "MAX" it's a real pain, but all of the tiling modes are a royal pain too (what with the panes choosing what seem to be random locations on start and not staying put, too) and "FREE" just wants to lump everything into one corner and resize (and relocate) everything every time a new window is opened.

I'm no expert at gimp, but is there some kind of single-window mode at least, that I can open maximised? I guess I could go back to mspaint on w2k under qemu, but that's kinda resource intensive, ifyaknowhatimean.


This might tell, but I haven't watched it yet. The original #1 episode did show moving all the menus into a single window (AFAIR).
I'll take ostensibly open-source video-web-log that won't play without a proprietary plugin for $400, Alex.