Wireguard and Mutiple FIBs - Undrestroyable Interface



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I have been testing Wireguard on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE and ran into a problem.

The issue seems to occur when a Wireguard interface is brought online on a specific routing table with
setfib 1 wg-quick up wg0

If this routing table doesn't have a default route defined, the interface and the
wireguard-go wg0
process seem to go into a state where the interface can not be destroyed with
ifconfig wg0 destroy
and the process can not be terminated with a
kill -9 $PID

I am able to workaround this by renaming the interface with a
ifconfig wg0 name wg999
adding in a default route to the routing table and then starting the Wireguard interface.

1 - Is it possible to terminate the first wireguard-go process? It has a T in the STAT field in ps and does not terminate upon a 'kill -9'
2 - Is it possible to remove the first interface?