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wine spotify no volume problem

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by DemoDoG, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. DemoDoG

    DemoDoG Member

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    I installed wine + Spotify yesterday on my FreeBSD 7.2 laptop. It works good except one annoying thing, everytime I change song the PCM mixer goes down to zero and I have to start mixer in xfce4 and pull the nobs up again. This makes Spotify nearly unusuable as you can understand.

    I have read lots of post about this problem occuring in some later version of wine but didn´t find a solution so I thought perhaps someone here has tried it and have more FreeBSD related knowledge.

    In worst case it will do with a script that sets volume higher with intervals :)
  2. kurdupovk

    kurdupovk New Member

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    I have analogical problem. When i start ICQ through wine, my mixer pcm = 0 .
  3. raistlinmolina

    raistlinmolina New Member

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    wine spotify no volume problem solved

    Hi, I had exactly the same problem with Spotify.

    I followed the configuration recomendations at:

    And now it works fine.

    Hope it helps.