Window managers for netbook, help me with choice

Hi everyone!

I want install most light manager, but don't know what kind. (lxde, xfce or ???)
I have a netbook samsung. (FreeBSD 8.1 memstick)
I want install matlab next.

What manager, and how install this from flash?:)

That depends ... what are Your habits?

Some people use TILING window managers to maximise rather tiny 'work space' on netbook devices, other prefer more 'classic' aproach with just small footprint window managers like openbox, as netbooks are also 'low performance' devices.

You can use both (openbox with TILING) if You use PyTYLE or PyWO 'manual' tiling managers for example (I use that attitude).
Horror... .

what are Your habits
I don't know.

I saw only KDE, GNOME and LXDE on linux.
LXDE is light and it's suits me.

I'm only know how install FreeBSD or linux.
I want learn only one of them.
Enlightenment 17 is your friend. It has a beautiful GUI without eating too much system resources. Furthermore, E17 has a netbook mode which might be helpful for you.
YZMSQ said:
Enlightenment 17 is your friend.It has a beautiful GUI without eating too much system resources.Furthermore,E17 has a notebook mode which might be helpful for you.

Is there e17 port in ports tree already?
I've seen components but I don't remember seeing e17 port itself
Ok. dwm interesting.
How download it & how install?

Help me please.
FreeBSD is not friendly for noobs... .
You download the source from here
Extract it and run
make install
That's it.
Now on .xinitrc file add:
exec dwm

That's it :)

To customize dwm:
Go to source.
Copy the config.def.h file to config.h
Open the config.h file with an editor.
Make the changes
Compile the source
End :)
more like...
cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/dwm
make extract
cp work/etc/config.def.h /home/$USER/config.h
edit ~/config.h as you like..
make DWM_CONF=/home/$USER/config.h install clean
Well. It depends on what extension is the file.
man tar
If you have your xserver up and running and you can use gui, then xarchiver is an easy gui tool to extract files.
cd /usr/ports/archivers/xarchiver
make install clean
I recommend a 'fake' or roll your own lxde, using openbox, openbox-themes, obconf, fbpanel, pcmanfm, lxappearance, gpicview, xarchiver, leafpad, midori and galculator. If you copy the openbox to your home like this:

cp /usr/local/etc/xdg/openbox/ /home/username/.config/openbox/

you can autostart fbpanel in openbox by adding the following to the end of the copied file:

(sleep 2 && fbpanel) &

You will also need to copy the fbpanel configuration file to your home folder:

cp /usr/local/share/fbpanel/default /home/username/.config/fbpanel/default

and make sure to remove the entries for the volume plugin in that file by use of # signs:

#plugin {
#    type = volume

Next, change the entries in the same file to reflect the apps you wish to appear on the fbpanel toolbar:

Plugin {
    type = launchbar
    config {
        button {
            icon = file-manager
            tooltip = File Manager
            action = /usr/local/bin/pcmanfm <---change to this or your preferred file manager
        button {
            icon = terminal
            tooltip = Terminal
            action = /usr/local/bin/xterm <---change to this, or your preferred terminal
	button {
            icon = web-browser
            tooltip = Web Browser
            action = /usr/local/bin/midori <---change to this or your preferred browser
This will leave you without icons on the desktop, but you can put as many icons for apps as you wish on the fbpanel toolbar, using the above entries as examples.

If you bookmark your /home/username/.config in pcmanfm, you can easily get to the fbpanel default file or the openbox file to make changes from within pcmanfm, by easily editing them with leafpad.

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can ditch the system menu entry in the fbpanel default file, and customize your fbpanel menu, even with customized icons.

These ideas will give you a 'fake' desktop that looks like a real desktop, without having a DE make decisions for you. This also saves you from the hiccups that occur when DEs release new versions.
dns_86 said:
Ok. dwm interesting.
How download it & how install?

Help me please.
FreeBSD is not friendly for noobs... .

FreeBSD Handbook is your friend. It may not cover all window manager installations - like E17, dwm, etc. - but it does cover the principles of working with FreeBSD. Reading it carefully is your best bet of learning to use it.