Xfce window-manager hijacks ALT,

I have tried xfce, twm .. both use alt for moving or resizing windows ..
and its one of the most important shortcut(alt+right click) in blender for edge loop select
use that combination . lol ..
Is there some way i can make the window manager(s), but not applications ignore when alt
is pressed?
I also did what this thread says
XFCE: Add the line "easy_click=false" (without quotes) to the HOME/.config/xfce4/xfwm4/xfwm4rc file (you may need to create it) and then restart the window manager.
But looks like it wont remove the alt behaviour on freebsd
temporary solution seems to be holding down shift while pressing alt, then the keystroke gets sent to the program instead
of stolen by the wm