Solved Will FreeBSD ever have an ARM64 port/repo

Would you like to see an 64bit ARM port for FreeBSD

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I ask this question because there is more and more push for ARM servers, in particular powerful 64bit ARM servers ..

The reason for this is of course the much better power/performance factor than x86 (at least at the moment).

Power bills for 24/7 server farms are horrendous .. millions of dollars can be saved every year (and the planet) by this sort of migration ..

Does FreeBSD have a plan to address this in the future ... (being of course the best server OS out there ..) :p;);)
Hmm? This seems like lack of research on your part. From the FreeBSD website, I select "platforms", then "arm" and get this page:
As you can see, ARM is already a Tier 2 architecture. It also links to the ARM page on the FreeBSD wiki:
You can either read the freebsd-arm mailing list archives, or guess - there is a arm64 page on the wiki too:

In short: Yes, the FreeBSD project has plans, and is working on both arm and arm64.
My Bad, I meant to post on the FreeNAS forum .... they don't seem to have an ARM build, even though they are based on FreeBSD, the post was meant to go there ..
(Hence my referring to servers ...) :oops:

Please remove this thread, as it was a mistake ...