Wi-Fi: rc.conf(5) NOAUTO, service(8) netif start wlan0 and resolvconf(8) after disconnecting from a wired network

FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p3 starts with a wired connection to a Belkin router.


service netif start wlan0 gains the required address from the required wireless router, using DHCP.

I disconnect the network cable, interface re0 disappears, I'm left with the /etc/resolv.conf that was generated by resolvconf(8) for the (Belkin) router that is no longer available.

Neither resolvconf -u nor service resolv restart leads to /etc/resolv.conf gaining the required update.

What must be done, for resolvconf(8) to write what's appropriate for the wireless router?
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FreeBSD networking: DNS: resolv.conf(5) after taking down an interface and bringing up another interface

Maybe some of my problems with networking will disappear, or ease, as a result of these commits fours hours ago:

  • the latter fixes a few rc scripts by using startmsg.
FreeBSD bug 255207 – rc_startmsgs: Silence "Starting ..." messages is now Closed FIXED.

256957 – Wi-Fi: rc.conf(5) NOAUTO, ifconfig(8) up and unwanted WLAN connections to open networks remains open.

Side notes

August and September 2020:

Understanding the routing service, /etc/rc.d/routing (2022-01-28), where dnabre helped me to realise that:

/etc/rc.d/routing isn't a service. …
Thanks, I've seen the word lagg in the past, however I'm extremely wary of experimenting with anything more complicated until there's a fix for automated unwanted connections to open networks. It's not my idea of good security.