Solved Who has approval privileges for port updates?

By rule, it is needed to wait at least 2 weeks to be possible to request maintainer timeout, as you can see in HERE.

Anyway, a patch was provided, if you really need that just get the patch and apply it locally.

EDIT: other than that, even with timeout allowed, the update/patch should be approved by some FreeBSD dev, usually the one who will commit it.
lang/gcc6-aux has no maintainer so there is implicit approval and any ports committer could commit it (assuming the patch is ok). The 2 weeks timeout window only applies if the port has a maintainer.

Best ask on the ports mailing list if a committer can take a look at it.

EDIT: I have committed it:

The point about asking for help on the ports mailing list still stands though. Especially if no one looks at a bug for months on end. There are more active committers on ports@ than here on the forums.
Thank you for the information and for taking care of it! I will use the ports mailing list next time.