Which is the FONT used in FreeBSD Logo & catch line

Hi Friends,

Which is the Font Used :
* in "FreeBSD" Logo
* in "The Power To Serve" Catch line

Thanks in Advance
speaking of the FreeBSD logo, I think it doesn't use any "official" font and I think the creator didn't provide us with the fonts...
I believe the name of the font is Energist, unfortunately, no known copy of has circulated the net. I've been looking for one for 6 months now since i wanted to use it for my Freebsd Community Site. ended up tweaking the svg file that came from freebsd.org
And for FreeBSD Project

The font of the logo is not available.


• Alter the logo in any way.
• Put at an angle or rearrange elements
• Add shadows or special effects
• Change the colors
• Squeeze or stretch
• Place on a complicated background
• Use older versions of the logo
• Animate the logo.

overly protective . not allowed to angle it because it looks cooler etc...