Which FTP server software do you use?

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I was just wondering.... what FTP server software do you use?

I now run Pure-FTPd with a MySQL backend and a webinterface for user administration.

I am moving to a new server, and I want to know what you run.


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Proftpd with either mysql or pgsql backend. Stock FreeBSD ftpd for low volume private things, since scp doesn't support resume.

Started on Proftpd a few years back, because it was "one of the good options" and the configuration syntax was similar to apache. Never looked back really.
I started with proftpd with a mysql backend way back in the days, and then moved to pureftpd. Currently I use vsftpd as I find it easy to integrate with PAM(and ldap, AD etc.)
pure-ftpd, vsftpd and also stock base system ftpd
Proftpd.. also because it was a good option back then. I don't know if there are better alternatives, but I don't really care either.. I encourage our clients to use sftp/scp.
hark said:
I use scp(1) for everything. Never saw much of a point in running a ftpd.

scp unfortunately doesn't really help a lot if you need to support non-expert users uploading files from a variety of desktop operating systems. FTP is still the lowest common denominator ...

I have been using the standard ftpd with groups to control access (most users get locked into their home directories).
I have used wu-ftpd for a long time,
despite frequent security issues,
only one of the sites i have seen where compromised.
And that had a 3 year old version installed.

I have seen a good number of sites compromised by proftpd.
At one of such incidents, the problem was discussed on the
proftp mailinglist for 3 weeks, without any anouncment on the webseite.
After 4 weeks tehre was sill no security anouncment for this root-exploit.
Therefore I migrated all sites in reach to vsftp.
Today proftpd has more vulerabilities that wu-ftpd.

I prefer vsftpd now,
very stable and good throughput!

In doubt look at the code inside.
vsftpd, but with no outside access. Users are advised to use an FTP client that supports scp (SSH).

The reason I have it at all is for things like auto-updating wordpress (which asks for ftp credentials). Outside access to the ftp daemon is blocked at the firewall.
vsftpd, through xinetd,

Setup is very limited though. Flatfile user db, no differentiation between domains, All live under /var/www ...
PureFTPd for the specific reason that it supports atomic file transfers, so that when uploading to a web site, the file is uploaded to a temp location and then atomically replaced into destination. This prevents a web client retrieving a partial web page. But, maybe the others can do that now, too. I use a MySQL backend and a php web interface for administrating virtual users.