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I don't think this will change much if it goes through. Because of the impossibility of knowing where a computer is located the FBI has no doubt been working all over the world anyway. But yes, this is important stuff to fight against. We have to take some individual responsibility for our security. Laws aren't going to do it.

More relevant on this forum; what I would hope is that this sort of thing will soon inspire some FreeBSD developer to put more work into ASLR. (Why was that canceled anyway?) We need modern security in FreeBSD now. Besides I'm tired of security guys making snide comments whenever I mention that I run FreeBSD. ;)
ASLR was not canceled, it was not imported. As I understand it, there were concerns with the implementation and the actual usefulness. There will be related news about this soon.

My views on the two sites listed are political and not relevant here.
I've been considering the idea of going back the dial up days methods. That is the internet is disconnected when not in use.
With regard to ASLR, this is something that came across my news feed these days. Basically, it is randomizing the place of all entities inside a shared library, so creating some map for ROP code becomes a wee bit harder.

Edit: And to answer the question of the OP: I am on the other side of the world, wondering who the fools are which are voting those stooges into power again and again. Yours and ours as well. We have the same problem here, you know. Our TLAs were taking the position that sniffing on a line in a satellite would not need a warrant because it was, you know, outer space and stuff. Anyway, the situation as bad already, and these new laws only make it legal what they do already. The FBI wants so listen in on you? They ask GCHQ to do it for them, and vice versa. Evasive actions.
The Russians, Chinese, Koreans and Germans (and others) have been doing this for decades so this isn't anything new. Why haven't there been articles about the Russians and Chinese and Koreans and Germans? (oh, wait. There are!) Except, in the case of the US, they're looking for terrorists and other criminals. Cause that's the technology that terrorists and criminals use so they must use it, too!
I've never heard of them doing that for finding terrorists and the criminals they seek are those who speak out against the government. I have never heard anyone say trying to intercept terrorists was bad anywhere.
the criminals they seek are those who speak out against the government.
Which they label as 'terrorists'. (One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter).

Don't get me wrong, whatever the excuse, it's bad.
The answer is very simple: US promote democracy all over the world, sometimes by force!
Like on September 11th, 1973? But that was Chile. And it was not exchanging a military dictator with an elected president. So as what does something like that count?
Many of us in the US realize how evil our government has become.
That's a blatantly false statement. Relatively speaking. But leave my relatives out of this.

The problem is the internet. Nowadays you hear of things you never heard of before. You also hear from people you would never heard of before and, in most cases, you shouldn't. Unfortunately, most people run with the knowledge gleaned from people they shouldn't be listening to. Along with the topic of the day that changes from year to year. Remember [insert cause here] from last [insert date here].
When I entered the military they made me take an oath. To protect and defend the constitution. So I take it quite seriously when people are willing to give up rights that so many people died protecting. Many times these same people never even served in the military but want to take away the protections granted in our constitution.
The document is not vague.The forth amendment is quite clear to even a layman.
Probable Cause
It's pretty scary to see the direction the US federal government seems to be taking. And it is even more disturbing to see an attitude of complete indifference to all these privacy and civil liberty encroachments among the average American. I feel like we will wake up one day and the police will be on our doorstep to interrogate us or arrest us on some BS charge, and it will be too late, no one will come to our aid because no one is even paying attention to what is happening. Scary Times indeed.
When I entered the military they made me take an oath. To protect and defend the constitution.
You have read that oath in detail, I think. Most people say they defend $SOMETHING, like "the state" or such. I also took such an oath, and it was to the people which I am sworn to protect. Should need be, against those in power. It had only happened several times in the last century that the then current gouvernment was seriously out of line with the need of the people.

Grell: You know that saying of Martin Niemöller? "First they came for the communists, but I did nothing because I wasn't one...... <several lines later> Then they came for me, and there was nobody left to help me." I had to think of this, reading your lines.

aragats: Sorry, sometimes my irony detector is stuck that early in the morning.
The Russians, Chinese, Koreans and Germans (and others) have been doing this for decades so this isn't anything new.
And it is anything but new for the USA.
According to President Harry S. Truman, Hoover transformed the FBI into his private secret police force. Truman stated that "we want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him".
See for improving knowledge
In my case, I wake up in the morning, go to work, have the same conversations with people I always have, and haven't noticed anything change. It's only on the internet I read about doom and gloom and that efforts at protection against terrorists and criminals is a bad thing.

I also read, only on the internet, that we should be more afraid of the police than of criminals and that the police are the bad people while criminals are just being picked on. No one I know ever says that but I read it on the internet all the time.

In real life, none of that is true.
getopt A government official doing something he shouldn't. Imagine that. First time I've ever heard about such a thing. I'm glad that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world. Never has, I guess. Never will.

But let's talk about Hitler. Cause that will get this political thread closed. Something I've always liked about this forum is I never had to worry about politics or religion (by the grace of God).
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