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Solved When do I read about tuning freebsd for big web?


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Is there a tuning guide for freebsd when used with busy postgresql db server?
Or with super busy say g-wan web appservers?
Like busy websites doing lot of hits etc?
ulimit and sysctl.conf are big areas I know to fix limits on process, filess open, and other stuff.
This sutf fcan be subtle as I have to cover the user a service daemon runs as....and make sure the config is taking hold....I had by long experience checked these things on linux.
I know network cards can also be tuned....
Is there a guide where this info is conglomerated?
The handbook seems to have not all info on this.....at least the parts I have read sofar.
Pointers appreciated thx.


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Start here: tuning(7).

The general consensus is, don't tune anything unless you are running into a limit or some other issue. FreeBSD typically does a good job tuning itself.