What is your favorite text editor?


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I count exactly three: Vi(m), Emacs, Toys. 😈



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I use nano a lot. I never really have a need to need anything more advanced for editing files on CLI. Perhaps I'm just missing something here :p I'm bad and love Atom. I wish I could get Atom on FreeBSD. I think I could switch my desktop to FreeBSD at that rate
There is this:

atom.io a.k.a. Atom is the editor I use most of the time these days, but it looks like development has slowed down considerably in recent times after Microsoft took over Github. I wish there was another, more actively developed editor similar to Atom, and which also existed as a package for FreeBSD.
I know the basics of vi/vim, and also used Emacs for several years while in uni. Maybe these editors can be pimped up to do some of the cool things Atom can do? I haven't really looked into it.