Solved What is running find -sx / /usr/home /var/mail /usr/src /projects /dev/null daily?

Every morning, I hear my hard-drive thrashing and do a ps aux to find this:
find -sx / /usr/home /var/mail /usr/src /projects /dev/null

I grepped /etc/cron*, but didn't find anything in there referencing find. I also looked at all the crontabs. I'm running ZFS on my root FS. I have locate installed, but I don't have any cron jobs as best as I can tell to run updatedb. It is excluding ZFS volumes.

I don't know if cron is running it, but it is the same time every day.

Any ideas as to what is causing find to run?
Wow, I learned something new. Yes, that was it. I will read more on periodic, it seems like I should be using that instead of cron.