Solved What happens if "Disable Sendmail service" is selected when installing FreeBSD?


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Hello everyone,

What happens if "Disable Sendmail service" is selected when installing FreeBSD?

This is described in the handbook:

Warning: If Sendmail's outgoing mail service is disabled, it is important that it is replaced with an alternative mail delivery system. Otherwise, system functions such as periodic(8) will be unable to deliver their results by email. Many parts of the system expect a functional MTA. If applications continue to use Sendmail's binaries to try to send email after they are disabled, mail could go into an inactive Sendmail queue and never be delivered.
Does this mean that a mail service is required for FreeBSD?

If the option "Disable Sendmail service" is selected when installing FreeBSD, does it mean that there is no trouble described in the "Warning" above.



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I remember when I started using Linux; I never cared about the emails generated by the machine. The same goes for Unix {Freebsd}. If you don't have a well-configured email service {even the barest minumum - an email/web client hooked to localhost} to deliver & access the emails, you might not need the sendmail service.

It is however easy to access those emails even if you are using a standalone PC. And they are quite important messages.

In a nutshell, if you're pretty new to the *nix and you selected 'Disable Sendmail Service', you won't have trouble with the machine {so to speak than to say in the 'Warning' above}. You can still read the emails in the queue with mailq, I think.
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