What causes mac_stats.checksum_errs



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Are the errors from the transmitting server/router/switch or are they related to issues on my ix card? (Running FreeBSD 11.3 with about 3Gbps of traffic on a router):
# sysctl dev.ix | grep check ; sleep 1; sysctl dev.ix | grep check
dev.ix.3.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 50
dev.ix.2.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 62611005
dev.ix.1.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 50591972
dev.ix.0.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 29478560
dev.ix.3.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 50
dev.ix.2.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 62611192
dev.ix.1.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 50592139
dev.ix.0.mac_stats.checksum_errs: 29481409
ix3 doesn't have an IP address on it.


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I have to wonder how you could have 50 checksum errors on an interface that is not configured.
Maybe link layer stuff? I think this is the switch settings or bad counters.