Solved What are the options of compiling binary packages?

Hello again, I wish install freebsd in my main computer, the computer have a NVIDIA graphics card (gtx 660 ti), and I want use linux games into system, I did read that for this is necesary the linux compilation option, the question is, how can I know the binary package (pkg) options?

I'm not in front of a FreeBSD system right now, so I can't be definite on this; but I believe you need to compile the port and can't download the binary from the public repositories using pkg install.

EDIT: I apologise, I completely missed the point of your question, I thought you were asking whether you could know in advance the settings of the binary version of the driver. I should get some sleep...
pkg info requires that the package is installed.

With pkg rquery '%Ok=%Ov' foobar you can get foobar's options from the repository without having to install it.